White Plains CONSUMER FRAUD Lawyers

Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 27, 2019

The loose definition for consumer fraud is essentially a business that uses deceptive practices that ultimately result in financial or other losses incurred by customers of said business, in the course of business practices that otherwise seem legitimate. In other words, if a company promises you one thing, like a certain rate of repayment, and then betrays that by jacking the price up, you may have a case for consumer fraud. However, this is a minefield of an area through which to walk. So many people in today’s world are looking for the quick buck by filing frivolous lawsuits, that most businesses simply laugh in the face of a consumer claiming fraud. This is where having a top-notch law firm will pay dividends.

By finding the right attorney(s), you will find the process of being rewarded for your fraud to be much easier. Going alone is practically impossible, and going with a cut-rate attorney will inevitably result in not having a strong enough case to make an impression. Don’t forget that a big part of any consumer fraud case isn’t strictly evidence or the fraud itself, but actually the law firm’s ability to intimidate the company in question into taking action on their end. Without that, the process can be incredibly long and drawn out, and few firms will actually want to stay in for the long haul. However, by finding the right firm and right lawyers, you have multiple great options available at your disposal.

What Can a Consumer Fraud Attorney Help You With?

Properly Defining Fraud

The first thing the right lawyer or firm does for you is it helps you properly identify the fraud. Now, of course, no one is suggesting that you would lie about being defrauded by a company, but there are different levels to fraud, not to mention that some companies unwittingly defraud customers while some purposefully do it, so the levels of negligence are different depending on your case. The right lawyer will ensure that your fraud is properly defined. By having the fraud defined properly, you will be able to go after the largest possible settlement with your claim.

Initially Setting the Wheels in Motion

Let’s say you’ve just been defrauded by a company and you know it! Now, what do you do? Do you approach the company and demand reparations? Do you write a threatening letter, send a voice-mail, threaten a lawsuit – what are you supposed to do? There are hundreds of different questions you’ll have to answer after realizing you’ve been a victim of fraud, but there’s only a limited time frame in which to act. The right lawyer on the case will ensure that the wheels are set in motion. The lawyer/firm in question knows exactly which steps to initially take to get things rolling.

Locating Other Potential Victims

Often is the case in instances of fraud that you’re not the only victim. Very rarely do businesses pinpoint some random customer to defraud; there’s typically a pattern here. And the right lawyer or law firm will not only find this pattern, but they will also find other victims and ultimately decide if you have a class action suit or not. A class action suit will ultimately take longer, but it will also make national news, and instead of maybe looking at a few thousand in damages, class action suits typically bring in millions of dollars and are life-changing settlements.

Ensuring the Right Settlement

If you’re flying solo, or even going with a cut-rate lawyer, what will happen is that you will be contacted by an insurance investigator working on behalf of the business that defrauded you. You will be offered a very minimal payment to simply go away. Unfortunately, over 50% of all fraud victim take these peanuts, sign documents, and then have no further recourse. But you will act differently, right!? You will be on the other side of that coin; you’re going to ignore these low-ball offers and instead you’re going with a great lawyer! This way, you’re going to get the right settlement. You’re not simply going away; you have been wronged and the company must pay.

You have to understand that these types of suits are incredibly commonplace but rarely are they handled correctly. Most victims of fraud want to settle for any type of payment they can get. Don’t fall into this category. Choose the right lawyer and fight back against the fraudulent company and really get what you deserve!