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For those who are charged with drug crimes, the criminal justice system can be very hard-hitting and overwhelming. With states looking to make examples of defendants, those charged with these crimes could face many years behind bars and have their lives ruined. However, sometimes circumstances appear much different than they really are, and that is when you need an experienced attorney. Whether you have been charged with possession or trafficking of cocaine, heroin, marijuana or other drugs, we can make sure your case is handled in a fair and just manner.

Types of Drug Offenses
In addition to possession and trafficking, there are other types of drug offenses. Possession of paraphernalia can put you in jail, facing a variety of charges that could greatly impact your life. While most paraphernalia charges are misdemeanors, they can still impact you many years after your case is completed. Having a criminal record with this offense on it can make it difficult if not impossible to gain employment, especially if your career plans include such fields as education, law enforcement or healthcare. And if the paraphernalia is considered “dirty,” meaning it has drug residue on it, the circumstances can be much worse, with a $5,000 fine and two years in jail a distinct possibility. Other charges, such as trafficking or possession in a school zone, can have serious consequences as well.

How We Can Help
When you find yourself facing drug charges and in need of expert legal representation, we can help. Our lawyers are not afraid of the spotlight, having appeared on many national media shows offering their opinions regarding the most complex legal cases. With several decades of experience handling the most difficult cases, we know every angle prosecutors and law enforcement will take when trying to gain a conviction. We vow that we will not stop fighting for you and your rights, and that once we take charge of your case you will no longer be at the mercy of those who simply want to wrap up your case as quickly as possible and move on.

Risk-free Consultation
If you find yourself in need of our services, we offer 24/7 risk-free consultations in our offices. If necessary, we will meet with you wherever it is most convenient in order to get your side of the story. We realize intimidation can play a big part in defendants saying things they later regret, so we make sure this does not happen with our clients. When contacted, we are quick to respond and make sure their rights are upheld. If you choose not to say anything to police or prosecutors, that is your right and we will stand by you as we gather the facts and prepare your defense strategy.

Don’t Take Chances
If you happen to be charged with federal drug crimes, the stakes get much higher. Many of these charges have mandatory sentencing guidelines, which could put you in prison for decades if convicted. In many investigations wiretaps, interrogations and searches are used on suspects, well before they have proper legal counsel. Having handled hundreds of serious drug cases over the years, we have developed a reputation for being thorough and tough when dealing with prosecutors and law enforcement. We are willing to ask the tough questions in order to get at the truth, making sure our clients are given every opportunity to have their innocence proven.

Let Us Help You Today
We are dedicated to uncovering evidence that others may miss or even conceal, while also never letting ourselves roll over to prosecutors. We know not only is our reputation at stake, but that of our client as well. One wrong conviction can mean a life-changing experience that few people can recover from, so we take the responsibility and challenge of your case very seriously. We handle cases throughout state and federal courts in New York, so we have an in-depth knowledge of the judges, law enforcement and prosecutors with whom we will be going up against. If you find yourself in need of the best representation when life seems to be at its worst, contact us and we will do everything possible to help you win your case.

Regardless of if an individual is charged in federal or New York State Court, any case involving illegal drugs can result in penalties that will negatively impact a person’s life forever. Every single drug crimes case is different. There are nuances to some cases that do not appear in others. It is imperative that an individual who is charged with a drug crime contact us at Spodek Law Group. We have years of experience dealing with drug crimes throughout the state of New York in both local and federal court.

Drug Crimes in New York City

For decades, New York City has been renowned for its strict anti-drug laws. It has some of the strictest drug laws in the entire country. Recently there has been some changes to New York penal law, lowering mandatory minimums and giving sentencing judges more flexibility when handling drug cases. In some cases, individuals battling drug problems are given the option to enter treatment programs as opposed to doing jail time. However, these options are not automatic. For this reason, anyone charged with a drug crime in New York City should contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to get the best outcome from their day in court.

Anyone who has been arrested in New York City while possessing the following substances must contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately:

• Marijuana
• Ecstasy
• Heroin
Crystal Meth
Crack Cocaine
• Illegal Prescription Drugs

There are other circumstances that can compound arrest associated with drug crimes. These factors can include:

• Crimes Committed near a School
• The Use of Illegal Drug Paraphernalia
Drug Crimes Committed in Connection with Larger Conspiracies
Driving While Using Drugs
• Weapons Charges While Using Drugs

These additional circumstances can take what appears to be a simple drug possession crime and turn it into a very serious case where the accused is facing decades behind bars. We at Spodek Law Group have experience handling all types of drug charges. We understand the law, and we understand how to minimize the consequences of drug related crimes for individuals who are involved in them.

Dealing with Federal Courts

When an individual realizes that they are facing a federal drug charge, it can feel overwhelming. Even for first offenses, federal drug crimes can carry huge fines and long prison terms. Repeat offenders may find themselves facing life in prison. The situation becomes even more complex when the drug crime is connected with a larger conspiracy such as human trafficking, robbery, murder, or kidnapping.

The laws related to federal drug crimes are extremely complex. Penalties can vary greatly depending on the illegal substance involved, the amount, and the intent an individual had for the substance. When a person is facing a federal drug crime, their back is usually up against the wall. They must make quick decisions that will have an impact on the rest of their lives. Our criminal defense attorneys have years of experience handling these cases, and we will give you the best advice.

Some factors that can increase the penalties for drug crimes include:

• Use of a Firearm When Selling Drugs
• Prior Felony Convictions
• Dealing Drugs near a School
Drug Crimes That Resulted in Injury or Death
Drugs Being Distributed to Individuals under 21 Years of Age
• Drugs Being Distributed to Minors, or the Use of Minors in Distributing Drugs

Every single one of these factors can add years if not decades to a sentence. This is why the lawyers at Spodek Law Group are diligent about fighting every element of your case every step of the way. Even if the decision is to make a plea offer, our lawyers will continue to fight to get you the lowest sentence possible.

Our legal team is comprised of former assistant district attorneys. This means that we understand how prosecutors approach drug related cases. This, combined with our 30+ years of experience, makes us the best bet for anyone who has been accused of a crime or who has a loved one who has been accused of a drug related crime. We are so confident in our ability to help you that we offer risk free consultations. There are no strings attached.

We are determined to help our clients by providing them protection, assistance, information, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they are working with professionals