Westchester Embezzlement Lawyer

Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 27, 2019

Embezzlement can be a serious crime with equally dire consequences. There also exists many situations when embezzlement is done unintentionally and on accident, but the appropriate level of legal representation and counsel can help those not guilty escape charges, and those who are guilty to perhaps avoid harsher punishment. According to the law, embezzlement is the unlawful repurposing of a possession. A common example of this would be corporate embezzlement, where a company or executives set aside corporate profits for their own personal business or investments.


Because the law requires proof without a reasonable doubt, there are often expert criminal lawyers who can help build a solid case and defense for people who may have unintentionally underwent some form of embezzlement. It is also a common misconception that embezzlement is the same as theft. In truth, theft is the acquiring of a possession not owned by you rightfully. Embezzlement often involves the possession of an asset or item entrusted to you, but misused or taken at that point.


In most states and courts, anyone convicted of embezzlement charges can face serious jail time and their offense is considered a felony. Depending on the scope of the crime and the value of what was embezzled, jail time could be up to ten years or more. The guilty party is also responsible for paying back the value of the asset taken or misused.


If you are ever found facing possible embezzlement charges, it is never suggested that you try to defend yourself or answer any questions without proper legal representation. While embezzlement is a common and serious crime, the burden is on the court and its prosecutors to prove intent, which is regularly very difficult to do. Having a good criminal lawyer will help increase the odds of that, and the overall strength of your defense.


Not only will a good lawyer help protect you from embezzlement charges, but they will help manage the entire process, including paperwork and other nuances. It is critical to keep in mind that if you believe are you facing embezzlement charges, or may face them, that you do not take any questions, or provide any answers, to any kind of investigator until you have legal representation hired and available to deliver your defense. This requirement is to ensure that nothing you say can be used against you, which can be the case in situations where someone is not able to clarify their side of the story without a trained legal representative.


So despite embezzlement holding serious weight in a court of law, it is renowned in its classification of what some would call a “white collar crime.” This is because the crime of embezzlement, intentional or not, is typically contributed to workers above poverty level, or executives or other members of a corporation. But embezzlement is so common, that many law firms, especially the larger ones, have specific divisions devoted to representing clients facing embezzlement charges.


One of these kind of law firms is always recommended because then you can be certain they are well versed in the laws and defense strategies surrounding embezzlement. If you do not have any personal references or recommendations for the proper legal representation, then an internet search is recommended to find specific embezzlement lawyers in your area. It’s important that you review their ratings across multiple sites, and check out any testimonials provided. This will make sure you are not only putting up a proper defense to embezzlement charges, but putting up a good defense.