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If you have recently been indicted on enterprise corruption charges, the legal firm of Spodek Law Group is available to fight these charges on your behalf. This applies also to any appearance you may be summoned to make in front of a grand jury concerning such charges.

You should already be aware that enterprise corruption is a fairly new and somewhat nebulous area of law, and that there is considerably wide latitude within it for you to be charged with any number of accompanying offenses. Indeed, if you even suspect that you may soon be indicted under the general heading of this law, you should “lawyer up” without delay.

What Exactly Is Enterprise Corruption, And Is It A Serious Offense?

Put in the simplest (but not necessarily most accurate) terms, the commission of the crime of enterprise corruption occurs when you knowingly associate or involve yourself with an organization (in legal terms, “enterprise”) that you are well aware is engaged in corrupt, fraudulent, or illegal behavior.

The emphasis on key words is extremely important: You must knowingly associate yourself with, or involve yourself (whether directly or indirectly) in the doings of, a group or organization that you are aware is criminal, either by its deeds, or by its very nature. As can be seen, the precise definition of what constitutes a “criminal enterprise”, as well as the strict definition of what makes for criminal association or direct or indirect involvement, is open to a wide variety of possible interpretation.

This very wide latitude when it comes to deciding just what exactly constitutes involvement in a criminal enterprise is exactly what makes such laws so potentially hazardous to a person who is being charged with violating them. One of the most unfortunate characteristics of the charge of enterprise corruption is its tendency to divide and multiply into a whole series of attendant and subsidiary charges.

What Other Charges Can Enterprise Corruption Lead To?

Being charged with enterprise corruption is usually only the preliminary to a long and complex process that will very likely soon lead to you being charged with a wide variety of other offenses. For example, a person who finds him or herself facing enterprise corruption charges can very quickly find themselves being charged with such additional offenses as grand larceny, insurance fraud, promotion of illegal gambling, money laundering, and a host of others.

If you have involved yourself, however indirectly, with an organization that is suspected of engaging in such crimes as running an illegal gambling or prostitution ring, or is accused of manufacturing or distributing dangerous and illegal drugs, you may soon find yourself being charged in connection with these activities. As can be plainly seen, being charged with enterprise corruption is only the tip of a very large and potentially fatal iceberg.

How Can You Defend Yourself Against Charges Of Enterprise Corruption?

If you are in the unfortunate position of defending yourself and your reputation against charges of enterprise corruption, you need to act decisively. You will need to cut all ties, private and public, with the individual or organization that has been accused of committing criminal acts. Next, you will need to procure the services of a first class defense team.

The firm of Spodek Law Group is here to defend you against charges of enterprise corruption, as well as any other charges that may mushroom once the primary charge has been entered against you. Spodek Law Group represent a first class team of defense attorneys whose primary goal is to clear you of any and all charges, while making sure that you don’t suffer any additional evils. These attending evils could include personal distress due to the injury your reputation is receiving, or lost wages due to missing work during your time in court.

Contact Spodek Law Group For Notch Representation

If you’re in desperate need of first class legal representation, your best bet is to contact the firm of Spodek Law Group today. You can arrange for a risk and obligation free consultation that will help you understand the nature of the charges against you, as well as what recourse you are entitled to in order to fight them. For all your legal and trial defense needs, Spodek Law Group are here to help.