White Plains FDA VIOLATIONS Lawyer

Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 27, 2019

The United States Food and Drug Administration is an incredibly vast, powerful organization that ends up prosecuting thousands of people and businesses every year for various violations. One of the scariest aspects about the FDA is that hardly no one really knows about all the many different regulations they may be violating every single day. Every year the federal government adds hundreds of pages of new laws onto the existing books, and what frequently results is that the FDA charges individuals and businesses with violations that they didn’t even know they were committing. Needless to say, these situations can be very tricky and end up costing a lot of money. Having a great lawyer in your corner is the only way to ensure that you won’t be buried under these FDA violations.

Most FDA violations don’t immediately result in any sort of arrest or legal trouble. The common scenario is that people are served with a letter. However, there are many cases every year where on top of serving a warning letter, businesses are shut down or certain aspects of businesses are put on hold. This can end up tying you up in red tape for years, costing thousands of dollars, and you may ultimately end up losing your business. Before having to go down this road, it’s a great idea to consult with a talented lawyer well versed in FDA violations.

Why You May Need a Good FDA Lawyer

The Federal Government is Very Powerful

The first reason you need to think about contacting a skilled lawyer is that the federal government is exponentially powerful. They have literally an unlimited amount of resources at their disposal. Even though you may be a small-time individual or business, that doesn’t stop the government from launching million-dollar investigations into the goings-on in your personal life. Often it is a matter of principle for government agencies. They think you’re a violator, and they subsequently go out of their way to prove that you’ve been violating certain regulations. In other words, the government can be relentless, and so you need a relentless lawyer standing in your corner to ensure the government doesn’t railroad you.

Prosecution Can Ruin Your Life

This should go without saying, but messing around with the federal government can easily end up ruining your life. Often is the case that someone is charged with a few violations, and a snowball effect ensues. The business gets a bad name, certain aspects of it are shut down, the individual ends up going to court, and all the expenses accrued end up forcing a filing of bankruptcy. What started out as an individual unwittingly breaking new regulations that he or she didn’t even know existed resulted in basically ruining this person’s life. The government doesn’t care one iota about individuals; it simply cares about enforcing its many laws. This is precisely why you need a great attorney who cares about people and who makes it their business to ensure you don’t end up in such dire straights.

The FDA May Be Over-Reaching

Another common scenario that takes place with the FDA is that the FDA is actually overreaching in its charging of you on certain violations. There exist literally dozens of loopholes that may work in your favor to show that the FDA is unjustly charging you; however, these are things you will never get to find out without the right lawyer. What you need is a lawyer who is well versed enough in the FDA field to be able to spot these various loopholes so that you don’t end up having to deal with the government’s charges. Only the right lawyer can help you to find these loopholes and to ultimately avoid prosecution for these violations.

Only Experience Matters

When it’s all said and done, your lawyer is only as good as his or her experience, and thus it’s always a great idea to contact a personal lawyer through a reputable law firm. What you’re looking for first and foremost is experience with these sorts of cases. For instance, you don’t want a law firm that specializes in tax law handling FDA regulations. Find a law firm that’s packed full of former prosecutors who know exactly how the government works, when and how they’re going to pursue charges, etc. This way, you’ll be guided and helped along every single step of the road, and nothing will come up that will surprise you. This enables you to build a solid defense and to focus on fighting the charges and not fretting the repercussions.

The government doesn’t play around with FDA regulations, so you can’t play around in finding a lawyer. Contact a reputable, skilled lawyer to help you fight against the violations.