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Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 27, 2019

If you are facing the prospect of appearing in front of a grand jury hearing, it is vitally important that you secure top class legal representation to argue on your behalf. Such a hearing is only the first of many potential legal nightmares that you may be called upon to endure in the very near future, so it’s extremely important to meet the challenge and head it off at the pass before it spirals out of your control.

Although a grand jury hearing will not automatically result in an indictment on any charge, it is still no easy piece of cake for you to convince the judge and jury to dismiss the possible charges. You’ll need a defense attorney who is skilled in these matters to argue your case, and safeguard you from the potential nightmare of being pulled through the legal wringer.

How Can A Defense Attorney Assist You At A Grand Jury Hearing?

If you’ve been summoned to appear before a grand jury, it usually means that you are on the hook to face felony charges. A grand jury does not have the power to recommend any sort of penalty for these potential crimes, but it does have the power to decide whether you will be formally indicted to face definite charges, as well as possible penalties if you should be convicted.

In other words, a grand jury is convened to decide whether the person summoned before it will become a defendant who is formally answerable to any charges that are brought against them. A grand jury hearing is normally closed to the public, so that you will be facing a judge, the jury itself, and a prosecutor. It will be the job of the defense attorney you hire to get you off the hook so that you are cleared of suspicion and avoid formal indictment on all possible charges.

A Grand Jury Hearing Is Adversarial In Nature

You should bear in mind from the first that, unlike a preliminary hearing, a grand jury hearing is adversarial in nature. This means that, from the very beginning of the hearing, you will be facing a prosecutor who will spare no expense to produce hard and convincing evidence for your guilt. Although this prosecutor does not have the power to convict you of any crime, he or she is fully empowered to convince the grand jury to indict you for any number of possible charges.

Once the prosecutor has obtained an indictment, your long and costly legal nightmare is as good as guaranteed. This is why it is of vital importance that you secure top class legal representation as soon as possible. Representing your own case in a grand jury hearing is the worst mistake you can possibly make. A competent prosecutor will simply eat you alive, and guarantee your doom.

How Can You Secure The And Most Knowledgeable Defense Team?

If you’re wondering how best to proceed under the prospect of potential indictment by a grand jury, it’s an excellent first step to hire the best and most knowledgeable defense team that you can lay your hands on. If you live in the upstate New York area, you can hire the firm of Spodek Law Group to represent you in your case.

Spodek Law Group possess excellent skills and qualifications that very few other legal firms can match. In particular, they possess the experience and knowledge that comes with having served on both sides of the legal fence. As it happens, both Spodek Law Group are former prosecutors with many years under their belt. This means that they understand better than most defense attorneys how a prosecutor thinks and acts in a court of law.

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If you are facing the certain prospect of being summoned before a grand jury, the time to secure state of the art legal representation is now. The firm of Spodek Law Group is available to assist you in your hour of greatest need. You can feel free to contact the firm at any hour of the day, seven days a week, for further information. When you need first class legal assistance, Spodek Law Group is here for you.