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Generally, the most serious punishments in the criminal justice system are reserved for those offenses that cause the death of another person. Crimes such as sexual assault, robbery and others that lead to death are dealt with in a very harsh manner by both law enforcement and prosecutors. If you find yourself charged with a homicide, you need criminal defense attorneys that have experience in these cases and are not afraid to dig deep in order to find the truth. Being convicted of a homicide of any kind can lead to not only years in jail or prison, but also lead to many restrictions being placed on you once you finish serving your time behind bars. Labeled as a convicted felon, unable to vote or hold public office, not allowed to own a firearm and other consequences can result from a homicide conviction. When you need the best legal counsel to help you through the worst of times, let us here at Spodek Law Group or Greco and Neyland guide you through the legal process and ensure none of your rights are violated.

Our Commitment to You
When police charge you with a homicide, they are doing everything they can to make sure you are put behind bars. However, we are doing just the opposite. We will work hard to make sure you are free on bail if possible, and we will go to work immediately analyzing the details of your case. We will meet with you wherever and whenever necessary to make sure we know all the details of the charges and answer any questions you may have about your case. We have more than 30 years experience handling these types of cases, and also have backgrounds working in district attorney’s offices. Therefore, we know each and every aspect of the criminal justice system, letting us provide you the help you will need.

Analyzing Your Case
In any homicide investigation, going free or spending years behind bars ultimately rests with the evidence and how it is presented in a courtroom. With us as your counsel, you are guaranteed to have a legal team that will leave no stone unturned when seeking the truth. We will identify and interview any witnesses involved with the case, consult numerous experts to help analyze forensic evidence and challenge any evidence that seems out of the ordinary, and make sure all procedures have been properly followed. In many of these cases, evidence is often lost or tainted along the way, compromising the investigation. However, just as often these facts are pushed aside as convictions are sought by law enforcement and prosecuting attorneys. We simply will not let this happen, and will work hard to make sure your constitutional rights are upheld and all evidence that can help your case is presented in its proper form.

Professional and Caring
Many people charged with homicide feel as if their lives are over. Family and friends often turn their backs on them, making them feel even more isolated. When we are your legal team, you can trust we will not leave your side during this difficult time in your life. We fight hard for our clients, making sure they know they have someone in their corner. We understand your freedom and future are at stake, so we promise to give the utmost professional assistance available to you and your case. We will provide a strong defense of your case, and will not stop until justice is served. By providing free consultations, we strive to empower our clients to be able to make informed decisions and take advantage of whatever options they may have at their disposal.

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Once a homicide charge has been leveled against you, don’t delay when it comes to choosing a lawyer. Criminal cases can be very complex, so it’s vital you know your rights. Having an attorney from the beginning can ensure you do not do or say anything that can be used against you in the courtroom, which can be a key component of your case.