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We here at Spodek Law Group know that clients charged with immigration fraud face an uphill battle. On one hand, the prosecution is going to press hard on the fraud angle, knowing that a jury will have little sympathy for an immigrant. That’s a double angle to defend, which is why you need the right professional.

Our Reputation

At Spodek Law Group, we know that a lawyer’s word is only as good as his reputation. That’s why we freely invite prospective clients to use the search engine of their choice to “hear” about us on the wider internet.

Spodek Law Group lawyers make regular appearances on American media outlets. Our jurisprudence experts are called upon to provide sharp, accurate and incisive legal analysis of significant news events. Our timely and informative legal analysts are trusted by millions of people. Because we’re so well known, clients can rely on us to make sure that they get their fair day in court.

Former Prosecutors

Even senior law firms that have been practicing for years rarely have experience in immigration fraud cases. Current law permits literally any lawyer, including inexperienced and ill-prepared firms, to represent clients in an immigration fraud case. Clients are left wondering where to turn for experienced professionals in the field of immigration fraud.

Spodek Law Group was founded by former prosecutors, the very same experts that once advocated for the government. No other law firm has been mentored and guided by such a top team of elite prosecutorial advocates.

New York Tough

The Empire State’s judicial system can sometimes feel like a bureaucratic jungle. That’s why you need a powerful punch on your side, protecting you from unfair and illegal encroachment on your constitutional and other legal rights. Immigration fraud and other serious allegations need a tough response before judicial overreach leaves clients facing serious repercussions.

All of the lawyers at Spodek Law Group are New York tough, experienced, battle-hardened and ready to shield our clients from the grasping juggernaut of the government. Our law firm was built by former prosecutors, grizzled veterans of the vast labyrinth of the New York legal system.

Time is of the Essence

Once a client gets swept up in the legal system over a charge of immigration fraud, time becomes a precious commodity. Every day of hesitation only increases the risk of felony convictions, deportation or worse. At Spodek Law Group, we know just how critically important it is to get good legal representation right away.

Risk Free Consultation

Click on the appropriate section of our website today. Simply tell us a little bit about you and the basics of your case, then ‘Submit’. You will immediately get a confirmation email from us and we will quickly work to schedule a free consultation with one of our legal analysts.

Feel free to also contact us the more traditional way, at the physical addresses and telephone numbers below.

Social Media Presence

We understand in this modern digital age that having a strong, vibrant presence on social media is a great way for us to be able to inform clients about who we are, and how we can help them with their case.

You can find our blog here, follow us here, like us here, etc.

Outstanding Excellence in the Field

Some lawyers avoid too much disclosure of their awards, nominations and certified ratings, feeling it would come across as too self-laudatory. We say nonsense! We are very proud of what we do, and the justice that we are able to see delivered on behalf of our clients every single day. We proudly publish our awards and achievements on our website. Spodek Law Group is the law firm you can trust.

We Can Help

Being informed of serious charges like immigration fraud can be overwhelming. That’s why we reach out to the community so that potential clients can find an experienced team of legal experts to give them the proper defense that they deserve. At Spodek Law Group, we will guide you every step of the way, and go to battle for you to defend you in cases of immigration fraud.