Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 27, 2019

In today’s world, terrorism is a fact of life. With terror attacks happening both on U.S. and international soil, governments are more concerned about what is coming into and leaving their respective nations. One area of concern is weapons and materials that can be used to construct items that could be used in an attack. Because the laws in import and export are always changing, sometimes mistakes are made and people unwittingly break these laws. When they do, they can be charged with such crimes as aiding the enemy and illegally sending materials to countries considered terrorist nations. If you find yourself charged with violating international embargoes, aiding terrorists or other crimes you need a law firm that understands how to deal with government red tape. Whether it’s Raiser or Kenniff or Greco and Neyland, we have the knowledge and experience to get the results you deserve.

Analyzing Your Case
When you are charged with violating import and export controls laws, the federal government takes these charges seriously. Whether violating economic sanctions, munitions-related import and export controls or violating short supply regulations regarding crude oil, the government will work hard to see you punished. However, when we become your legal counsel we go to work making sure you know your rights and what you are facing. We will go over all government regulations in great detail, ensuring you are getting the advice and representation that will be needed to handle this complex case. Having three decades of experience practicing law, we have dealt with any and all aspects of the criminal justice system and can guide you in making the best decisions under the circumstances.

International Commerce Laws
Because there are many different restrictions on transactions when dealing with various nations, the laws of international commerce can be very tricky. Thus, it can be very easy to unknowingly violate import and export control laws during the course of business. We understand this, and will go through your case step-by-step to gain a greater perspective on what went wrong. Depending on what transactions were undertaken, the government may see you as trying to assist enemy nations by supplying them with weapons, chemicals or other materials that could be seen as potentially harmful to the United States. Because these controls on weapons, technology and other materials are extremely strict, those found in violation of these policies can face severe civil and criminal penalties if convicted.

Experience Counts
In these matters, experience counts perhaps more so than in many other cases. Having handled well over 150 cases in both state and federal courts in New York, we know exactly what to expect from law enforcement, judges and prosecutors. In many government cases, prosecutors are very eager to put enough pressure on defendants to force them into accepting plea deals. Unfortunately, many lawyers for defendants in these cases are also too eager to accept plea agreements, simply because it allows them to wrap up a case quickly and move on to the next one. When you have us as your legal counsel, you don’t have to worry about us hurrying through your case. If we feel a deal will not be in your best interests, we will tell you so and help you make the best possible decision. We will provide you a free consultation in our office, where we will carefully discuss the circumstances and present the options available to you.

Contact Us Today
When you find yourself facing charges related to import and export controls, don’t delay in getting experienced legal representation. The government is fully-stocked with legal experts who are eager to prepare a strong case against you, so the longer you delay the more time they have to gather evidence against you. When we go to work for you, we hit the ground running and let the government lawyers know they are in for a fight. We will ask for all evidence associated with your case, while also using the talents of many expert witnesses to testify on your behalf. Many times, we are able to prove that laws and regulations were violated unknowingly. Contact us today, and let us get to work proving your innocence in these complex situations.