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Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 27, 2019

If you have recently been served with a summons to court to answer charges of mail fraud, you should be aware that this is no laughing matter. Mail fraud is a serious Federal offense and carries with it significant penalties, including the possibility of heavy fines and potential prison time.

If you’re facing such charges, you’ll certainly need to hire a high powered legal firm to help you win your case. And if you’re going to fight the good fight, it’s a smart idea to hire upstate New York’s highest profile legal firm, Spodek Law Group.

What Is Mail Fraud? Can You Commit It Accidentally?

In a nutshell, anyone who uses the United States postal system (including such private carriers as FedEx, UPS, and the like) to engage in fraudulent behavior of any kind will run the risk of being charged with mail fraud. As noted above, depending on the severity of the fraud, the penalties can include the imposition of fines or prison time.

To qualify as mail fraud, the act must be committed with intention. In other words, you have to use the postal service in a way that can proven to be purposely malicious or fraudulent. You cannot unknowingly commit mail fraud.

For example, if a communication that you make through the mail causes someone to lose money through an investment tip that doesn’t pan out, this is not fraud. Of course, to prove mail fraud, a prosecutor is not necessarily required to prove that you communicated this information with intent to harm the recipient of your letter. The prosecutor will always build his or her case around the circumstances that surround the particular case.

When Your Reputation Is At Stake, You Need Defenders With Media Access

When your reputation is at stake as the result of a high profile court case, it stands to reason that a vital part of your defense is an attorney with guaranteed access to the media. This is one area where Spodek Law Group have all the bases covered. Both of these top class defense attorneys maintain a high profile presence on all of the major social media outlets in the nation, and have appeared many times on Fox News, Fox Business, and other leading television programs.

Even if you eventually win your legal case, there is no telling how many career and employment opportunities you may lose as a result of the unfavorable publicity that has attached itself to your name. Spodek Law Group can use their hard won media skills to repair your reputation in the eyes of the public.

What Can You Expect From Spodek Law Group As Your Representation?

If you choose to engage Spodek Law Group as your defense attorneys in your mail fraud case, you can expect top notch representation on all fronts. To begin with, the firm offers a completely risk and obligation free consultation that will answer all of your questions and furnish you with an honest opinion regarding your case and your chances of success. You contact the firm at any time with any questions you may have regarding this consultation offer.

In the end, what matters most is having a team of qualified legal defense attorneys in your corner who are qualified to wage battle on your behalf. If you’re ready to win your case and clear your name, you need a defense team that understands the enemy and how to defeat it.

Former Federal Prosecutors, Now Representing Justice On Your Behalf

Spodek Law Group are not only state of the art defense attorneys, but former prosecutors. This means that they fully understand the motivations of a state or Federal prosecutor, as well as the means such an individual will use to win the case against you. What better allies could you have in a fight against the Federal government than attorneys who used to work for it?

When it’s your time to go to court, you’d be well advised to employ attorneys who fight to win and play for keeps. Spodek Law Group are qualified veterans of both sides of the legal world, and are here to fight for you. Contact the firm today to learn what they can do for you.