White Plains MONEY LAUNDERING Lawyer

Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 27, 2019

Money laundering happens when people take money from one source and make it seem like it came from another. Anyone accused of this crime could see a lot of jail time, fines and major damage to their reputation. Attorneys with Spodek Law Group Attorneys at Law understand how to advocate for clients so that they can quickly work through this legal issue. Professionals understand the details of money laundering cases, what evidence to collect and how to beat this charge.

Work with Experienced Former Prosecutors

Experts with this white plains firm are well-versed in the money laundering world. After all, the two founders are actually former prosecutors with years of experience. This background means that the lawyers understand how a case is built, what to expect from the court process and how to communicate with both clients and prosecutors. Such insight is valuable to a client who does not want to go to jail or pay huge fines on a money laundering case. Not every lawyer is experienced with laundering cases. It takes an expert to really understand the nuances of this process.

Free Consultation Protects Clients
Clients can call Spodek Law Group Attorneys at Law and explain their situation before signing on the dotted line. People can find out what their chances of winning the case really are, what the charges really mean and can get to know the attorneys at this law firm. No one should have to fight money laundering charges alone. Experts understand how to get their clients off without damage to their record.

Know the Stakes
Spodek Law Group Attorneys at Law is a firm that understands the stakes involved with a money laundering case. The government uses two statutes when they try to convict people: 18 USC 1956 and 18 USC 1957. Such laws were place to fight drugs and organized crime groups. However, some people could be accused of money laundering if they deposit tips or gifts without the government knowing. Additionally, illegal campaign financing could be included, commonly called white collar crimes. People could see thousands of dollars in fines and many years in jail if convicted. For example, a person could spend as much as 20 years in prison or could pay more than $20,000 in fines (twice the laundered amount, if not more than this).

Experts Really Understand How to Fight the Laundering Charge
When a person is accused of laundering funds, the accuser has to prove an individual knowingly conducted the transaction. Additionally, a client must know that the money came from an illegal place and that the money is truly from an illegal activity of some sort. Lawyers with Spodek Law Group Attorneys at Law know how to collect the right information and evidence to prove people’s innocence. Additionally, the activity has to exceed $10,000 for the federal government to have a case. Experts know such specific details about fighting a money laundering charge.

Complex Process Involves Finesse
When a person is charged with laundering money, it is important to use experts who know about federal law as well as New York law. Knowing the right people prepares people to battle this charge and work out the situation. Experts in the legal world can explain the court process, what information to collect and how long the process might take.

Spodek Law Group Attorneys at Law are there to help clients. A free consultation helps people understand their chances of fighting a case and what the time and financial costs will be. Legal professionals have years of experience figuring out the nuances of laundering situations. Former prosecutors can put themselves in the shoes of their opponents. This law firm has years of experience sifting through paperwork and understanding how to prove clients’ innocence.