Westchester County Narcotics Charges Lawyers

Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 27, 2019
Narcotics Charges Lawyers

All criminal charges are serious situations for defendants, but the impact of certain types of charges can make a bad predicament much worse. Among that group of charges, anything associated with narcotics is a major life-altering legal issue for the defendants. Even possession of a small amount of some narcotics can result in significant prison sentences and fines, especially for repeat offenders, and this is not to mention the effect even an arrest can have on a family. Long-term personal damage resulting from a conviction can mean the defendant will often be limited in ability to earn a living or secure housing in the future. Established criminal histories also stay on the record of the convicted individual for the remainder of their life unless the case can later qualify for expungement. And, criminal charges are often applied even when evidence is borderline because prosecutors and police officers alike are all adamant when it comes to drug charges, as though the state has a right to a conviction. Many narcotics officers actually live to arrest anyone they think they can prosecute. What this scenario means for those accused of narcotics crimes is that it is imperative to have an experienced and aggressive narcotics defense lawyer representing their case.

Advantages of Having a Personal Criminal Defense Lawyer

All charges for any narcotics carry the potential for a jail term, which means that all narcotics defendants are required by law to have adequate legal counsel. “Adequate” is often what defendants gets when they are assigned an attorney from the public advocacy office because they commonly do not vigorously represent their clients. Priorities can be compromised when the defendant’s attorney works for the same state applying prosecution. A personal attorney will commonly thoroughly inspect all evidence for admissibility, including material facts surrounding how the evidence was acquired by law enforcement officers. The nature of narcotics charges are such that many individuals are excessively charged on borderline evidence, and reasonable doubt can often be established by an experienced criminal defense lawyer. There are many cases that should be heard in a full trial that do not occur, and having comprehensive personal representation means taking a case to trial is always an option when evidence is weak and reasonable doubt is obvious. A solid trial attorney can bring out the facts when all evidence is evaluated by a jury.

Potential Sentencing

Sentencing guidelines for narcotics convictions are some of the most extreme in the criminal code. All legislators claim being serious about drug charges, whether it is concerning possessing small amounts or trafficking in large quantities. All narcotics charges are typically filed as felonies, but circumstances can also warrant reduction to a misdemeanor in minor cases. All felony cases carry a minimum of one year incarceration upon conviction, and cases filed as higher level felonies can result in a range of sentences well beyond five years. Those convicted in federal court will also not be eligible for parole, but could be eligible for case settlements under special conditions when reasonable doubt or minimal involvement can be demonstrated to court officials. Punishments should always equate with the criminal charge, even with a narcotics case, and an attorney who focuses their practice on just such cases will understand how to craft a case settlement with prosecutors.

Never accept the concept that a narcotics case conviction is inevitable. Law enforcement officials are almost always overzealous when making a narcotics arrest, and many times the evidence can be suppressed to the extent that charges can be reduced or even dismissed. But, this result never occurs without the assistance of a solid experienced narcotics defense lawyer who understands how to craft a case defense for maximum reasonable doubt. The lawyer you choose makes a major difference. Make sure they are specifically experienced and focused on narcotics cases while having an excellent track record of success for their clients.