Westchester County Patronizing Prostitution Lawyer

Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 27, 2019

Although patronizing prostitution is widely deemed as a lesser crime than other crimes such as fraud, violence or murder, it can completely damage someone’s standing in the community as well as their reputation. With increased utilization of technology, particularly the internet, in the world of prostitution, there has emerged new ways of connecting prostitutes with prospective clients. But this alone has led to an increase of people being accused of patronizing prostitution all over the country. If you happen to be accused of this crime, then you risk facing inevitable legal penalties such as fines or jail time, especially if you case involves a minor. Although you can hire a patronizing prostitution lawyer, there are some simple things you should do to avoid the many penalties attributed to patronizing prostitution. Here are a couple of them.


Use the 5th Amendment Right


In most instances, law enforcement officials have been known to lure offenders into taking actions or risks they would have otherwise not take on their own. In fact, many offenders who have been accused of patronizing prostitution is solely as a result of misunderstanding between them and the police who arrested them. Whether you have been accused wrongly or duly as a result of getting involved in this crime, you can seek help from a patronizing lawyer before talking to law enforcement officials yourself. Actually, this is the 5th amendment right that you are legally entitled to. If anything, you need to remain silent throughout the arrest process lest you mention anything that can be potentially used against you during the court trial.


How Does Your State Define This Crime?


State laws regarding patronizing prostitution differ substantially from each other, just like different states’ laws define prostitution differently. In most federal laws, patronizing prostitution can be committed when someone hires a significant other with the intentions of indulging in sexual activity with them. In some states, this crime can only be valid if the person hiring a prospective sexual partner has entered their home with them. Other states’ laws term the accusations of patronizing prostitution valid; only when there is proven exchange of money in return for sexual favors. Even in such cases, there should be proof on verbal or online agreement between the two parties for the criminal charges to be validated. Therefore, review your state’s laws regarding prostitution and patronizing prostitution in particular. Ask your patronizing prostitution attorney to interpret these laws to understand the best angle of defense to take in court. At times, your state’s laws might actually favor you a lot, thus helping your case get dismissed during the court trial.


Does Your Case Amount To Criminal Charges?


When it gets to patronizing prostitution, a variety of factors can influence whether the accused is eligible for criminal charges or not. For instance, a person accused of infecting a sexual worker with a sexually transmitted illness may receive a tougher penalty than their counterpart who just engaged in sexual activity after paying for sex. Again, if the accused offender had previously been convicted of prostitution solicitation several times risks getting a heavy penalty for their actions. Depending on your actions, you can determine whether you are indeed eligible for criminal charges or not. That is truly why you need an experienced patronizing prostitution lawyer to determine whether you risk criminal charges or not.


What Are The Possible Penalties?


Persons accused of patronizing prostitution can inevitably face various possible penalties for their actions, though it solely depends on their case as well as the prevailing state’s laws. For instance, this crime can be ranked in regard to 1st degree, 2nd degree as well as 3rd degree felony charges. In various places 1st degree offenders can face one year imprisonment, 2nd degree offenders get 5 years jail sentence in some states, while their 3rd degree counterparts can face up to 7 years jail time. Talk to your patronizing attorney to learn about the possible penalties going by accusations against you.




Understanding how to tackle your patronizing prostitution accusations can be helpful in giving the best possible outcome. Nevertheless, hire a qualified patronizing prostitution attorney for your case