Westchester County Prostitution Lawyers

Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 27, 2019

Prostitution law differs from one country to another. However, while prostitution is considered illegal in many parts of the world, some parts of the world consider sex work as a profession. In places where sex work is illegal, the sex worker, their client or both are subject to trial and a possible jail term of up to a year.


In the US for example, sex work is illegal even as it continues to happen throughout the country. Nonetheless, it is legal in ten rural counties in the state of Nevada. Nevada state law states that commercial sex work or solicitation is unlawful. It is not unlawful however if it is conducted in a licensed house of prostitution, e.g. a brothel. Prostitutes here must use protection such as condoms and must be tested weekly for STIs and monthly HIV tests under NAC 441A.800.


The laws regulating prostitution are not solely bestowed upon the federal government, but rather exclusively upon the state law to allow, prohibit or regulate sex work under the Tenth Amendment of the US constitution. Sex work is considered a misdemeanor categorized under the public order crimes. It is regarded as a crime that disrupts the sanity of the community. At some point, commercial sex work was considered a vagrancy offense.


What You Did Not Know About Prostitution in the US


1. Sex trade is lucrative in the US


It is said that there is a big chunk of money in sex. For instance, as of 2007, sex trade in Atlanta worth more than $290 million. Miami clocked at $235 million and Washington D.C, $103 million the same year according to the Urban Institute. Urban Institute also found out that pimps in Kansas city would rake $5000 weekly and $32,833 weekly in Atlanta.


2. The trade is ran by people struggling to find more opportunities


Uneducated people do not solely run this trade. According to a survey carried out among pimps only 5.5% had a college degree, and a big chunk of the rest had a high school degree, they received a GED or had attended college for a considerable amount of time. As you can see, most of these people are only struggling to find alternative opportunities. A former sex worker was recorded saying that she got into prostitution purposely to cater for her children’s needs. When she got an alternative opportunity, she quit prostitution.


3. Most sex work started as a family business


In a study, 32% of the respondents claimed to have family members as pimps or were prostitutes before luring them into the business. For most respondents, this played a big part in shaping their views towards this work. The study by Urban Institute reveals that the core reason why people got into the pimping business had a family connection to the industry.


4. Cops are included in this business


It was revealed that law enforcers form a significant part of people who buy sex. A pimp was recorded saying that the people responsible for maintaining law and order are the same ones breaking it.


5. Craigslist is not the only site advertising sex work online


If you thought that craigslist was the only famous site that advertises sex work, then think again as there is one that is bigger than craigslist that goes by the name Backpage.com. The website is a paid forum where people post classifieds, and under the adult services, the site advertises commercial sex work.


Types of Prostitution and Possible Charges


There are several types of prostitution such as street prostitution, red light district prostitution, escort prostitution, sometimes referred to as out-call prostitution, brothel prostitution, internet prostitution and child prostitution. A sexual crime is a serious offense that can not only attract a hefty penalty but can damage your reputation, a career as well as freedom.


If you are caught soliciting a prostitute in the U.S, you will be liable for a jail term of from 30 days to a year, along with a fine of between $100 or more than $1000. At times the court may grant you potential probation of at least 12 months. Therefore there is the need for you to work with a prostitution defense attorney to safeguard your future. With a good prostitution attorney, you rest assured of success in the courtroom.