Westchester County Robbery Lawyers

Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 27, 2019
Why and When you Need a Robbery Lawyer

Robbery is one of the most serious crimes in almost all states across the world. Unlike theft and burglary, robbery is a punishable offense. In fact, the least one can be punished for robbery is a 5 years jail imprisonment. God forbid, but if you fall a victim of robbery, you can seek the help of an experienced robbery attorney near you. However, it is important to have a deeper understanding of the crime itself and how a robbery attorney can be of help to you in such cases.

Basically, robbery is taking something from someone by the use or threat of force. Depending on your state or degree of the felony, robbery contains hefty charges. Either a failed attempt or successful one, a person can serve up to 15 years in jail for committing the crime. In most instances, robbery is classified into three major categories. That is, armed robbery, home-invasion robbery, and carjacking.

Armed Robbery

Armed Robbery is a criminal offense that involves someone using a lethal weapon to intimidate another person. Many at times, the victims are injured when this type of robbery occurs. At least once or twice, you have seen armed robbers enter commercial establishments or homes and get away with money or properties. Some of the lethal weapons used in an armed robbery may include; knives, guns, dangerous chemicals, and other deadly weapons.

Armed robbery is a felony that contains a grave punishment. If convicted of the crime, a person can serve 15 years in prison or even more. In some countries, when some is involved in an armed robbery, they are sentenced to a life imprisonment. It is important to note that, armed robbery is a non-bondable offense subject to a certain number of mandatory jail term. The mandatory sentence varies depending on the laws of different countries, minimum being five years imprisonment.


Like any other crime, robbery can occur in different forms. Carjacking is another form of robbery that is very common in different countries. But how does carjacking occur? Well, carjacking occurs when someone takes away another person’s vehicle by the use of assault, violence, force, or threat. It does not matter whether the person is armed or unarmed, either way it falls under carjacking.

A court can impose a 21-months minimum imprisonment penalty to the convicted person. In most states, the punishment can be followed by a fine of up to $ 10,000 inclusive of a 25-years mandatory jail term. That is, when someone dies or gets injured during the process. However, in some countries such as Michigan, a person convicted of carjacking charges can lose their rights to vote or own a weapon.

Home-Invasion Robbery

Home invasion is another common form of robbery that takes place in almost all states. How does really the crime occur? This form of robbery occurs when someone enters another person’s compound, armed or unarmed, and takes away their properties or money. The penalties for home invasion-robbery vary across different states. However, home invasion with a weapon is punishable by life in most states. Like armed robbery, home invasion is a non-bondable felony.

Now that you have a good understanding of robbery and its penalties, you need to know why a robbery lawyer is such a big deal in your case. Besides, you might get accused of committing the crime when in the real sense you did not. Therefore, a robbery lawyer has its own means of defending its clients. For instance, they can plead for your innocence. Besides, sometimes people get falsely accused of committing crimes that they never committed.

Likely, when a client is charged with robbery, a robbery attorney can defend them through duress or entrapment. An attorney can use duress defense to defend you in court when you commit the crime unwillingly or maybe under the influence of substances. On the other hand, a robbery attorney can use the entrapment defense to convince the court that someone pushed you to commit the crime because they wanted you to get into trouble.

There is no need of you running up and down due to the fear of proving yourself in court. Get yourself a robbery lawyer to act on your defense or lessen your punishment if convicted of robbery charges.