Westchester College Campus Discipline Defense Lawyers

Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 27, 2019
Campus Discipline Defense Lawyers

A college degree is almost a necessity in today’s society. People need to have a degree to enter many kinds of professions from the law to medicine and teaching. Getting a college degree typically necessitates four years of study. Many colleges require their students to adhere to a code of conduct and a code of ethics during this time. These codes govern how the student must behave when on campus. They also govern how the student is expected to behave when not in class. Students are typically given access to what is expected of them before they start their very first day of classes. In some cases, a student may find they are accused of violating this code in some way. The student may be accused of acting improperly on campus by engaging in improper conduct with another student or someone who is not a member of the campus community.

Violations of the Code

If a student is accused of violating the campus code in some way, they may be facing disciplinary action by campus authorities. Disciplinary action can take many forms. For a student on scholarship, if found guilty, college officials may choose to reduce the amount of the college scholarship or even revoke it altogether. A college may also choose to expel the student from the college and not give them credit for classes they have already completed. Violations of the code can take many forms. A student may be accused of accidental contact with another student against their will or deliberate, intentional sexual conduct such as rape. Other offenses that may cause problems are the kinds of criminal issues that cause problems off campus with governmental authorities. For example, illegal betting, burglary, trespassing or using and selling drugs may all have repercussions both off campus and on campus.

Federal Laws

Colleges and universities have certain obligations they must uphold. Under the provisions of the Clery Act, colleges and universities are required to keep accurate statistics about criminal activities near the campus as well as on campus. If they violate these standards, the United States Department of Education may choose to take many types of actions including refusing to allow the college or university to participate in federal student loan program. This is why is imperative to contact a lawyer in the event of campus disciplinary issues. Many college and university officials are quite determined to protect their campus reputation. They do not want to be seen as tolerant of activities they believe may harm the campus in the public eye or bring them to the attention to federal authorities. The very accusation that a student has done something wrong is often enough to bring them to hasty conclusions that may cause serious problems for the accused. The mere hint of scandal may lead to an unfortunate rush to judgement that can severely impact the student not only right now but as they head to their future in the workforce.

Defense Lawyers

A defense lawyer can mount an effective defense to make sure the accused right’s are protected from the very first. Many college and university officials often appear to be taking a guilty until proven innocent approach to this issue. A student may find articles written about them that have little basis in fact. They may find that campus officials are unwilling to listen to them when they speak in their own defense. This is why a defense lawyer can provide assistance. They can help them craft a specific defense that is designed to fight these charges and refute any misunderstandings that may have already been out in the public mind. A student should not assume campus officials are unbiased or that their rights will be upheld during any process. A college scholarship and a student’s reputation are ultimately priceless. A lawyer can make sure that the student is given the means to protect fully protect both.