White Plains Assault Lawyer

Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 27, 2019

Sometimes in life, people find themselves facing situations where the use of force becomes necessary to protect themselves, their property or other people. However, while force may be justified under the circumstances, many times they can end up facing criminal charges of assault and battery. When this happens, their lives can become filled with police, prosecutors and others who want to gain a conviction. If you find yourself facing assault charges, you owe it to yourself to have legal counsel that is experienced in these matters and is willing to fight hard to prove your innocence. This is when choosing to work with the law firms of Spodek Law Group or Greco and Neyland is the smartest decision you can make.

Experience is a Must
When you find yourself facing assault charges, you need an experienced legal team by your side in the courtroom. Having handled numerous assault cases in New York courts, we have gained a reputation for being a law firm that works hard to prove the innocence of each and every client we represent. We are skilled in various defense strategies and options, and our background working in district attorney’s offices allows us to possess an in-depth understanding of how prosecutors think during these cases. With almost four decades of experience, we will never back down from the challenge that goes with proving your innocence.

Assault Charges and Their Consequences
When you are charged with assault, there are many potential consequences depending upon how much harm was inflicted during the struggle. Prison sentences can range from one year for a misdemeanor assault charge up to 25 years or more for felony charges. Other factors, such as the environment where the assault occurred, the ages of those involved and more can go far in determining just how much punishment prosecutors will seek against you. Needless to say, a conviction could spell disaster for your life for many years to come, so it’s imperative to have a law firm representing you that cares about you and the outcome of your case.

Defenses to Assault Charges
Using our many years of experience, we will carefully examine the evidence associated with your case and build a defense strategy that will prove your innocence. Using witness testimony, physical evidence and other important aspects of the incident, we can work with you to formulate a defense plan that prosecutors will not be able to penetrate. Our job is to make the court realize there were circumstances involved that dictated the amount of force used by you in defending yourself or others. In many cases, we work with such clients as security guards or others who are put into situations where they must use force in the course of their job. Afterwards, they can find themselves facing assault charges, even though they were well within their rights to prevent harm from being inflicted.

You Can Trust Us
When assault charges are facing you head-on, it’s imperative to locate and retain legal counsel as soon as possible. The longer you take to get an attorney, the more time law enforcement personnel and prosecutors have to gather evidence that they will use against you in court. In some cases, these same people will use questionable tactics in order to gain information from defendants. To make sure your rights are fully protected, contact us as soon as possible once formal charges have been declared against you. We will go to work immediately attempting to prove your innocence, and will not stop until you are able to walk out of the courtroom with your freedom and dignity intact.