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If you have been accused of or arrested for fraud, Income Tax Evasion, falsifying financial records, selling pills you honestly have a prescription for, for stealing from an employer, or consumer or securities fraud in White Plains, New York, you need our New York City criminal defense Super Lawyer. With more than 50 years of experience and extensive media exposure on FOX News and CNN, our criminal defense law firm appears frequently in USA Today. Our aggressive criminal defense attorney is respected by New York City judges, prosecutors, and New York City attorneys. Our defense attorney handles each case personally and does not represent clients he does not believe in. You can trust our criminal defense attorney with your life.

Results Oriented Attorney

Each case is unique. Your attorney will help you understand the charges against you. Our consultation is free and risk-free on the phone or in person in one of our three New York City locations. Our law firm accepts simple and complex cases, felony or misdemeanor charges, or unfortunate situations like having to witness for or against a friend in a criminal case. Our results-oriented criminal defense attorney will personally strive to have your charges or sentence reduced. Our criminal law attorney helps clients arrested for:

Drug related offenses
• Violent crimes
⦁ Theft and burglary
Sex offenses
Fraud and financial crimes
• Juvenile offenses
• DUIs

Recently Arrested

If you were just arrested, stay calm and remain silent. The police are there to investigate, find information, and try to put a case together. You can not help yourself by trying to argue your own defense. Our criminal law attorney will look for procedures that were not followed and contributory negligence. Our criminal law attorney will get ready to litigate your case. Our criminal law attorney can:

• Investigate your case
• Find additional evidence
• Interview parties
• Interview witnesses
• Prepare your defense
• Negotiate with prosecutors

Client Testimonials

Our client testimonials speak for our law firm. I was falsely accused of drunk driving. My car and my children were taken from me. I wasn’t even driving the car. My attorney got my son, my driver’s license, and my car back. My defense attorney got the entire case dismissed. Other clients are happy to recommend our New York City lawyers who were available 24/7 and fought tenaciously for their freedom. Our attorney was a calming helpful force throughout the whole “crazy” ordeal.

White Collar Crime

Our white collar criminal defense attorney helps those arrested for white collar crimes which are financial in nature and range from deceit to consumer and securities fraud. White collar criminals devastate families, investors, and businesses so do not think your penalty should be less severe than the penalty for a violent crime. Corrupt Public Officials, money laundering, election law violations, mass marketing scams, and health care and welfare fraud are white collar crimes. If you obtain credit cards based on another person’s stolen identity, you are guilty of counterfeiting as well as identity theft. Writing bad checks is a white collar crime. If you were leading the good life by exploiting others financially, you may not be a violent criminal, but your freedom will be taken away from you.

Corrupt Public Officials

Our high profile criminal defense attorney can help you even if you are being prosecuted in a highly publicized case. “Prison corruption is a longstanding, deeply rooted problem,” stated Rod Jay Rosenstein, the 37th Deputy Attorney General of the United States. “Public servants who betray [others] for personal gain threaten our society.” Never-the-less, in largest corruption case in the history of the U. S. Criminal District Court of Maryland, prison guards, inmates, and family members were arrested for conspiracy to distribute and possess heroin, cocaine, buprenorphine, and MDMA within the Eastern Correction Institution (ECI), racketeering conspiracy, wire fraud, bribery, and money laundering.

Stephen Wise received a 20-year prison sentence for conspiracy and 10 years for stabbing an inmate. Corrections officers Ennis and Bell were each sentenced to 20 years in prison for conspiracy, money laundering, and wire fraud. Our law firm may help you when no one else will.

Criminal Court

Mike Kimelman rejected a plea bargain, against his lawyer’s advice, to do probation instead of prison time and attempted to prove his innocence in Criminal Court. He was sentenced and served 21 months in aminimum security “White Collar” prison. Mike’s absence and prison sentence drastically impacted his family.

Income Tax Evasion

Tax fraud is a serious crime. If you’re charged with income tax evasion, the IRS decided you deliberately did not pay your taxes. The IRS usually adds civil penalties when you make an error in your taxes, but you could face 5 years in jail and up to a $500,000 fine for tax fraud. If you are charged with tax fraud, you need a strong competent legal defense attorney to keep from going to prison.

As in any criminal case, you should not volunteer information to the police or your accountant because your accountant may be required to testify against you in an IRS audit or in tax court. Do not allow investigators to search your records or your computers without a warrant. Omitting information can be used to prove you are dishonest. Dishonesty can get you convicted of tax fraud and bring criminal penalties against you. You need professional criminal legal representation against the IRS.

Social Security or Welfare Fraud

It’s easy to commit welfare fraud if you forget to report changes in your income or living situation. Though unintentional, it’s still fraud. Penalties may not be as harsh. If you willingly report children and fail to disclose joint custody, you intentionally committed fraud to benefit yourself and your children’s father, for example. It’s better to err on the safe side when receiving any kind of benefits from a welfare office or a social security office.

White Plains Criminal Lawyer

Call our White Plains, New York, criminal defense attorney in any of our three New York City locations, for a free consultation and a flexible payment plan if you were arrested on a criminal charge in the White Plains, New York, area. Our criminal law attorney may be able to get your bail reduced and get your bail payment back after the hearing.