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Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 27, 2019

Harassment is the crime of unwelcome behavior, with “unwelcome” being the key word. A person may agree to participate in offensive behavior, but harassment occurs when that person considers the behavior to be unwelcome. Would you recognize harassment if it happened to you? Harassment includes annoying, unwanted acts that use threats or demands in order to make a person do a specific thing, such as engage in sexual acts or quit a job or pay a debt. Such acts may occur because the harasser simply doesn’t like you or doesn’t like your background or just gets a sadistic pleasure out of causing annoyance or fear. There are many different kinds of harassment, but the three most obvious and frequent are sexual harassment, telephone harassment, and harassment that occurs in the workplace environment.

Sexual harassment can include many types of behavior, from unwanted sexual gestures to actual assault. This type of harassment can take place in the workplace, on the telephone, or almost anywhere. However, it must be shown to be an reoccurring act, not something that is isolated. Sexual harassment is not limited to obvious sexual gestures or suggestive words. It can also include spreading rumors about someone’s sexual behavior, or it may occur in the form of gender discrimination on the job. If you are ever uncertain about whether you have a case against someone for sexual harassment, make a call to whiteplainscriminallawyers.com. As experienced harassment lawyers, we can help you through this difficult time, beginning with a free consultation about how best to approach your particular harassment claim, including whether it occurs at the workplace or over the telephone.

The telephone may become the site of harassment if someone annoys or threatens you with constant calls, heavy breathing, or silence when you answer the call. The caller may make lewd or offensive comments or may not identify him- or herself. If such behavior becomes a frequent act, it may be considered harassment and your first step should be a telephone call to the police. With what information you can give them about the nature and frequency of the calls, the police may be able to identify the caller and, with sufficient evidence, the caller may be prosecuted. Your second step should be a call to whiteplainscriminallaywers.com. We can help to determine whether you may be eligible for emotional distress civil damages.

The workplace environment is often a location for harassment, both sexual and otherwise. Suggesting sexual acts in return for a job promotion or change is an example of sexual harassment. It also includes suggestions that are unwelcome and adversely affect someone’s ability to work efficiently. Employers may be found guilty of work environment harassment if it can be shown that they knew of the harassment but did nothing about it. Courts have found that if a company learns of harassment to any of its employees but does nothing to rectify the situation, they are guilty.

If you feel you are harassed at the workplace or in other situations, make a call to White Plains Criminal Lawyers. We have the experience with New York harassment laws to find a just outcome for your case. Don’t let harassment control your life. Call us today.