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Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 27, 2019

One of the most serious offenses for residents of New York is Criminal Possession of a Weapon. While statutes allow for varying punishments and degrees, it is generally considered to be a violent offense. Offenders can expect to receive a mandatory sentencing. Possession of a switchblade or gravity knife is a misdemeanor and is punishable up to one year.

Possessing a loaded gun or other firearm outside of your place of business or home without a permit provides a cause to be arrested and charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon. The minimum sentence may be three and a half years in prison even without having a criminal record.

If you are caught with a firearm that was not loaded and secured in a case, you could be arrested if the gun could is capable of being loaded with nearby ammunition. Prosecutors could charge you with possessing a loaded weapon which would upgrade your offense to a felony. As you can see, your options would be limited regardless of the situation you found yourself in. Without a defense attorney, you would simply have to settle for being jailed along with a criminal record.

What Can a Defense Attorney Provide?

A criminal defense attorney is your best hope for challenging the prosecution and ensuring that a legal search was conducted. A defense lawyer is capable of exposing holes in an officer’s story, such as making an officer prove that a knife or gun in your possession was operable. Your defense attorney cold also reveal mitigating factors to the prosecution that could potentially help you work out a deal. Your defense attorney is there for you to help work out the best possible outcome.

Charges of Criminal Possession for Illegal Citizens

For defendants who are not legal citizens, a conviction for criminal possession of a weapon can create serious problems with respect to citizenship and deportation. The severity of the outcome will depend on the degree of the crime. A defense lawyer and immigration lawyer would need to be consulted.

Your Criminal Record Will Affect Your Life

Being charged and convicted of a criminal offense can land you in jail or prison. Once a misdemeanor or felony is on your record, your life will change forever. Getting a job may be difficult, if not impossible. Renting an apartment or qualifying for a home loan could be influenced by your criminal record. You could lose you drivers license. A criminal record does everything to keep a person locked into the system with little hope of breaking free.

This is why consulting with and hiring a criminal defense attorney is so critical to the outcome of your case, a family member or a loved one. As former prosecutors, we have a thorough understanding of the law. When we represent you or a loved one, you can rest assured that we will fight for the best outcome possible. Contact us today for a free, initial consultation. There is no reason for you to have to go it alone. Your future could depend on getting the best legal defense possible.