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Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 27, 2019

Sexual crimes are considered to be among the most heinous crimes that can be committed in our society. Individuals who have been accused of a sex crime are stigmatized, and they will carry that stigma with them for the rest of their lives. The law office of Spodek Law Group has experience in defending individuals who have been arrested for or have been accused of sex crimes. We urge anyone who has been arrested or accused of a sex crime to contact us immediately and allow our legal team to go to work to create a defense for you.

Society has a loathing for individuals who have been accused of sexual related criminal offenses. And because of the nature of the crime, this disdain for individuals accused of these offenses is understandable. Sex crimes include a wide range of offenses including sexual assault, Child Pornography, prostitution, and sexual abuse.

If recent news events prove anything, it is that every single day individuals are being accused and convicted of sexual related crimes that they did not commit. Recent headlines are full of stories of individuals who spent decades of their lives in prison accused of sex crimes only to have DNA evidence later show that they were not guilty of the said crime. Even after they are released, a person accused of a sex crime is marked for life.

Conviction of sex crimes are more serious than any other type of criminal conviction. Someone who is convicted of something that is relatively simple, such as the possession of child pornography, can expect to spend years in prison. Once they are released from prison, their name, their place of residence, their photograph, and other pertinent information about them is publicized on the Internet and by law enforcement agents.

Anyone who is convicted of a sex offense has limitations placed upon them regarding the type of job they can get and the neighborhoods they can live in. This is true for individuals who are convicted of felonies as well as sexual misdemeanor charges.

The lifelong, life-changing consequences of being convicted of a sex crime underscore the importance of speaking to a criminal defense attorney prior to appearing in court. Some individuals, especially those who are innocent of the crime that they are accused of, mistakenly believe that because they are innocent, they will be able to successfully defend themselves in court. Often times, these individuals find themselves back into a position where they are forced to plead guilty to a sex crime. In almost every single instance, pleading guilty to a sex crime is the worst idea imaginable. When an individual finds themselves accused of date rape, prostitution, people trafficking, or child pornography, they need to contact an experienced attorney immediately. This is the only way that they will be able to protect their rights and get the protection they need before going to trial. In the ideal situation an individual charged with these crimes will be able to contact an attorney even before their arraignment hearing.

Definition of Sex Crimes

Child Pornography
In New York, simply possessing child pornography is a class E felony. It is illegal to own, distribute, and download pornographic images or videos of minors.

Date Rape
This is an informal way to describe rape that takes place between two individuals who are friends, or who are already in a romantic relationship. In many cases, drugs and alcohol are used by one or both parties involved. This makes it difficult to ascertain whether or not the victim gave their consent.

Rape is defined as forced, or nonconsensual, sexual intercourse. This would include intercourse with an individual who was intoxicated, experienced diminished mental or physical capabilities, or who was unconscious or otherwise unable to provide consent.

The penalties for sex crimes in New York City are severe. Article 130 of the New York state Penal Code states that sexual offenses may be misdemeanors or felonies and can carry penalties that range from short sentences in county jail to life in prison.

The best way for anyone who is accused of a sex crime to protect their reputation and their relationships is to contact sex crimes lawyers. Our lawyers have the power to fight back for you. They can prove your good character. And they can guarantee that you will get the best outcome possible for your case.