White Plains Traffic Violation Lawyers

Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 27, 2019
Traffic violation lawyer

When you get a traffic ticket for a moving violation, the wheels of justice are also turning. The officer takes the ticket to the police station at the end of their shift. A few days later, the police department takes the ticket over to the courthouse where it’s entered on the court’s computer system. Your ticket will sit there until such time as you either pay it before your court date, or you appear in traffic court on the date designated on your ticket.

Traffic tickets are nothing to laugh at. They can get very expensive and they can also have more expensive ripple effects. When the officer gives you the ticket, they’re not going to tell you that if you simply just pay the ticket, the consequences will probably be worse than if you go to traffic court. Most people just pay the ticket. That’s not recommended at all. You’ll feel the immediate effect of the ticket when you pay your fine and court costs. Then there might be a traffic school fee. What you won’t immediately feel is the effect tickets have on your insurance. Over a three year period of increased premiums, those traffic tickets are costing you thousands.

When you go to a traffic violation lawyer, the first thing they’ll do is look at the ticket to see if there are any technical errors that the officer made when writing it. If material errors or omissions were made when writing the ticket, there’s a good chance that your attorney will be able to get the entire case dismissed. It takes a good traffic lawyer about 30 seconds to look for any errors on a ticket. They know what to look for, which ones they can get dismissed, and which ones they can’t. That’s experience at work for you.

Without errors or omissions on the ticket, it’s highly likely that it’s not going to be dismissed. That’s when deal making begins between your attorney and the prosecutor. Guilty pleas can be fashioned in any number of ways to minimize the impact on your driving record and wallet. Having you walk away with no points, no school and a reduced fine is a great alternative. That might be seen with people who are safe drivers and haven’t had a ticket in many years. If you get tickets periodically, other pleas can still be made that will lessen the impact on your driving record and insurance premiums.

Because traffic ticket lawyers work the same courtrooms with the same prosecutors and same judges on a daily basis, they’ve been careful to develop and maintain a reputation for credibility. That credibility factor weighs heavily with both prosecutors and judges when the traffic violation lawyer steps up on your behalf. Although the system is adversarial, it can be friendly too.

Remember that when you go to traffic court, the most likely outcome is that the state will get their share of your money. The municipality will get their share too. What you don’t want is the consequences. Amending a ticket to a non-moving violation avoids the ripple effect consequences, as does agreeing to pay the fine and attend traffic school in return for a dismissal.

Fines and convictions are the goals of any traffic court prosecutor. If you’re not represented by a traffic violation lawyer, they’ll take advantage of that fact. That’s when you’re much more likely to become one of their statistics. That’s also when you pay for that ticket for several years down the road.