White Plains Vandalism Lawyers

Posted By Max Soni, Uncategorized On October 27, 2019

When a person defaces or destroys another person’s property without permission, it is an offense of vandalism. Damage to vehicles, broken windows, graffiti, or even damaging someone else’s website can even be considered acts of vandalism. Vandalism covers a broad category of crimes and can cover such areas as cemeteries, billboards, railroad cars, city street signs, building structures, bus stop benches, tunnels, and just about anywhere imaginable.

Other acts of vandalism may include keying someone’s car, slashing a person’s tires, or defacing public property. In fact, simply possessing the means to commit vandalism can result in an arrest and criminal charge under certain circumstances. A perfect example of an appearance of an attempt to commit vandalism would be a minor getting caught with a can of spray paint on school grounds.

Defending Against Vandalism

If you have been charged with vandalism, it is wise to evaluate all the possible consequences of a criminal conviction. Some people have a tendency to regard it a childish, minor offense. They regard it as an event that will simply go away after time. A criminal conviction is not something you want placed in your records.

Criminal convictions can appear on background checks and impact your life in a number of serious ways. You may be denied a coveted job. You may be turned down for a scholarship at some future date. Your application for an apartment rental could be denied. The ramifications of a criminal conviction could be far-reaching. If your incident resulted in property damages and related to a domestic situation, you might also be charged with domestic violence.

Consult with an Attorney

A vandalism lawyer is the best opportunity you have to walk you through the legal ramifications of your charge. Their goal is to help you realize the best outcome possible. They will work hard to get your charges dismissed or reduced. Whether the charge against you is regarded as a misdemeanor or felony may depend on the monetary damage of the property. This is why it is imperative that your case be handled ay an attorney who is familiar with the legal nuances and fine points of the crime.

Prosecutors Will Not Assume You Are Innocent

In New York, vandalism is covered under the definition of “criminal mischief.” There are four degrees for which your case could be considered: First degree, second degree, third degree, and fourth degree. Again, all the criminal legalities and nuances involved are simply too complex for the average person to understand.

If you or a loved one has been charged with criminal mischief, it in their or your best interest to consult a knowledgeable attorney who can help with your defense. At Spodek Law Group, we have more than 30 years of combined legal experience. As a law firm whose founding partners were former assistant district attorneys, we understand how to examine a criminal case from every possible angle. This means we can provide our clients with the strongest possible defense.

We’re a respected law firm that media outlets turn to when they need a unique perspective on criminal cases in the spotlight. Our national recognition equates with experience. Our experience can go to work for you or a loved one. We offer a risk-free consultation with no strings attached. We will sit with you and explain your options. You will have all the important information you need to decide how you should move forward.

Bad things sometimes happen to good people. The circumstances of your case do not matter. Contact us today before you make any commitments. Your future livelihood and well-being could depend on it.